100% wooden furniture

Furniture made with passion
for people with passion

Use wood from legal sources. Environmental protection. Do not use prohibited chemicals.

No child labor, no forced labor.


Founder. Thank you so much for your pain and
everything is futile until peace.
Thanks for that!
Our wish: safety and health for users
Class: suitable for users, safe for health, protect the environment and people

Technical team

The best technical staff on the planet.
Product designer's wish: health and comfort for the user.
High class: suitable for consumers. Easy to order.

Passion and style

A industrial furniture made with passion for people with passion

Passion and experience

Starting in 1998, we have entered the export furniture market. Over 20 years of experience, with a staff of more than 500 employees, each year exports to the world market more than 1000 containers of goods. Main markets such as Europe, North America.

Perfection is the key

We always comply with Vietnamese laws and international practices.
Prioritize human development.
Improve management capacity and working skills.
Environmental protection is our top goal.